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I am the owner of Web Marketing Sussex.

Personally, I have been actively involved with internet, web and digital marketing for 12+ years. I started when I set up some internet sites that ultimately proved to be very successful, and spent over £500,000 on web development, SEO and PPC on marketing them. I generated income of more than £1m, so it was a very worthwhile learning process. When you are spending your own money it concentrates the mind! And I learned quickly what worked and what to avoid.

The Power of Lifetime Value

The key to my learning was the understanding of lifetime customer value. Once I had established the lifetime value of my average customer  I was prepared to pay 50p on marketing to generate a £1 from a customer as often I could. So, I started small, and kept building my marketing whilst controlling my marketing cost to ensure a profitable outcome. 

Helping Other Local Businesses

After a while I started to provide the same service to other local businesses in Sussex, and I have now teamed up with PinPoint Local, a USA business with 10+ years experience in providing Website Design and Search Engine Marketing. They have a team of highly experienced professionals, so we are now able to offer this expertise to a wider number of local businesses in Sussex.

Looking Forward to Hearing from You

I love working with other local businesses, and am always very happy to have a chat about your plans for growing and developing your business.

Just give me a Call or drop me an Email. And if you would like a FREE Report on the effectiveness of your current web marketing just Click Here For More Info.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike O’Brien

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